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Love Prints

Our Love Prints silver imprint jewellery is handmade by Jane and Andrea, here at Create It. We’ve been making beautiful silver imprints for many years and are delighted to be able to display lots of samples and take your prints at our shop. We specialise in fingerprint jewellery, hand and footprint jewellery, paw print jewellery and even children’s drawings or writing in solid silver! Bespoke and handcrafted, each piece is as individual as the unique impression it bears. All the charms and all the attachments – chains, bracelets, bangles, keyrings etc are sterling silver. Prices for fingerprint jewellery starts at £45.

Triple Heart Pendant
Dinky Digits and PETit Paws

Love Prints make the perfect keepsake or personalised gift, capturing your baby and toddler fingerprints before they grow big or capturing the deep grooves of a precious grown up fingerprint. We can create romantic wedding gifts bearing the bride and groom’s wedding ring fingerprints or the more tongue in cheek ‘under the thumb’ charm or cufflinks!

Dinky Digits capture your children’s hand and foot imprints, miniaturised in solid silver. We can use existing handprint or footprint images or we can take your prints with our mess free ‘inkless print-taking kit’.

PETite Prints capture your pet paw prints in the same way, with our range of paw print charms and accessories. Again we can use existing black and white paw print images or you can take them with our simple, mess free ‘inkless print-taking kit’.

Dinky Doodles are a fantastic way to treasure your children’s drawings (simple line drawings work best) or your child’s handwriting in solid silver.

If you are not able to visit the shop to have prints taken, we can send out simple to use DIY print taking kits so you can take the prints yourself.

Love Prints gift vouchers are very popular, allowing the recipient to choose their perfect keepsake, whether it be silver imprint jewellery or hand and foot clay imprints.

Personalised Treasure


‘We are passionate about creating beautiful unique keepsakes, which capture precious memories to treasure’ Andrea and Jane