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Paint a Pot

Here at Create It, pottery painting is a very popular activity and it’s no surprise with over 100 different pieces to choose from! From useful household items like mugs, bowls, plates, spoon rests, platters, vases and plant pots – to fun, decorative pieces like mermaids, pirates, dogs, cats, monsters, fire engines to name but a few! We don’t charge a studio fee and prices start from just £6 with a good selection in the £10 – £20 range.

Don’t worry if you aren’t especially creative, we have lots of painted samples to give you ideas and several folders with photos of completed pieces for inspiration! Many of which use really simple yet effective techniques.

Talented girls!
Fingerprint Caterpillars!

Pottery painting is enjoyed by children and adults alike and is regularly an activity shared by the whole family. Even the babies can get involved. If baby is old enough to hold the paint brush or sponge dabber, let them experience making their mark with some light coloured paints on a plate, mug, tile or plaque, then we can assist you with their hand or footprint for the finishing touch! We have lots of ideas of things you can turn prints into such as butterfly footprints and handprint cheeky monkeys! For very young babies, what better way to capture their feet whilst they are still so tiny, than to print them on pottery.

Once your masterpieces are complete, your pottery is left with us to be dried, glazed and then fired in our kiln. This process takes approximately one week but can vary depending on how busy we are. When your pottery is collected, you will be amazed at how the colours develop during the glazing and firing process. Your glazed plates, mugs, bowls etc will be fully useable for food and drinks.

For special occasions and events we offer take away kits so you can capture prints or signatures on pottery then bring them back to us for glazing and firing. These make fantastic keepsakes for weddings, christenings, baby showers and hen dos etc. They also work well if you want to capture the fingerprints of a whole class as a gift for a special teacher or group leader.

Family print plate