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Decopatch is another very popular activity at Create It and unlike the pottery, can be taken home on the same day. The activity involves sticking pieces of special, colourful and patterned papers onto papier-mâché or wooden shapes to create some bright, funky and highly decorative pieces! We have a very large selection to choose from, including two sizes of animal figures, trinket boxes, storage boxes, bunting, picture frames, mirrors, door plaques, 3D initials and the ever popular animal trophy heads! As with the pottery painting, we don’t charge a studio fee and prices start from just £6 with a good selection in the £8 – £15 range.

Decopatch Fun!
Trophy Heads

Decopatch is enjoyed by both children and adults, although some younger children would need assistance. For very young children we would recommend pottery painting rather than Decopatch as it tends to hold their attention for longer. Many adults trying Decopatch for the first time comment about how relaxing and therapeutic it can be. We have many regular visitors who come for their ‘stress busting’ session to unwind over a coffee, whilst Decopatching their latest project!

After covering your piece with the beautiful Decopatch paper, you can then add some finishing touches such as patchliners to add a word or dotty pattern. Choose sequins, gems or buttons from our tub of embellishments or add a bit of sparkle dust to make it twinkle, before taking it home!

At Create It, we also sell individual Decopatch papers, glue and brushes as well as take away Decopatch kits (which include a papier-mâché piece, a selection of papers, glue, embellishments and a brush) so you can continue the fun at home or give as gifts!

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