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Clay Imprints

Clay imprints allow us to capture the life size impression of handprints or footprints from babies, children or adults, in clay. We can even capture paw prints in the same way! Single prints are £25, double prints (hand and foot or two hands or two feet) are £45. Frames are approximately £30, but can vary depending on size. Our clay imprints can be personalised by shape and colour and you can choose what text to include such as name and age or date. The imprints can be hung unframed, using one of our adhesive plaque hooks, or you can have your imprints framed in either a white washed or oak box frame, along with your choice of complementary backboard.

Print Taking
Heart Plaque

A lot of time and care goes into creating such precious keepsakes and clay imprints usually take approximately 6 weeks. Firstly we make the imprints into the soft clay and then we cut the clay to your required shape and size. It is then left with us to dry out naturally, before it’s first, high firing, in the kiln. Once fired, we then paint the imprints in your chosen colour, add the name and age or date and then glaze before a second kiln firing. At this point we can send it to our framer, who hand makes the frame to your specification or add an attachment, enabling it to be hung unframed.

Clay imprints can be taken from babies, children and adults, most days but we recommend calling ahead to book a convenient time, to avoid disappointment. Precious paw prints can also be taken, but please contact us for more information and to discuss how best we can take the prints, depending on the animal.

Love Prints gift vouchers are very popular, allowing the recipient to choose their perfect keepsake, whether it be hand and foot clay imprints or silver imprint jewellery.

Framed Prints